The Mormon challenge

7-15-2017: The entire document has been updated (along with the short edition) for readability purposes, rendering the old list of updates rather obsolete. The "Addressing the Evidence for the LDS Church" document was updated to make it compatible with the other documents. The page numbers below reflect the full edition.

New sections since September, 2016 include pages 10, 17, 36-39, 53, 54, 57, 103-109, and 114-117.

7-21-2017: Added Appendix B, as well as updates to pages 37, 38, and 71.

8-3-2017: Minor changes to Appendix B and pages 36-38, 57 since 7-21-2017.

8-11-2017: Added clarification at the end of page 37, corrected "Bahamas" to "Caribbean" on page 38 -thought I had corrected that one already. 

8-15-2017: Added the Harmony-Pittsburgh sentence to page 111.

8-25-2017: Added footnote 3 to page 111. Minor changes to Appendix C.

9-8-2017: Changes to page 95.

Retractions consist of a Lorenzo Snow quote on tithing and a Law of Moses detail, each described in the document below.